The Great Social Distancing Distance Contest

This contest begins on April 6th, so get ready!

Employees compete to complete the most miles while exercising over the next two months. An employee picks a category (or categories) that fits their method of exercise. Each category will have a prize for the top three finishers in addition to a participation prize for completing a target goal.

  • Walking (target goal = 50 miles)
  • Jogging/running (75 miles)
  • Biking (indoor and outdoor) (200 miles)
  • Elliptical (50 miles)

​ To encourage social interaction in a distant way, employees can submit pictures showing their activities to HR and they will be included Walter and in the City Ditty.

To get started, pick a category or categories, go put in some distance, and then log it here on Walter. You’ll always be able to find the Distance Logger on Walter under the “MORE STUFF” menu.Β