What it’s like Winning the Hawaii Trip by Art Nifong

Winning the Hawaii trip could be described as an out-of-body experience.

We continue our series on what it’s like to win the Hawaii trip with our good friend and indexer of all things mysterious and unexplained, Art Nifong. Art won the trip in 2014.

What’s it like when you hear your name called for the Hawaii Trip?

When the Mayor called my name, I leaned over to the person seated beside me and asked, “Did he call my name?” He called it again and I quickly went up to claim the prize.

Do coworkers treat you differently once you’ve become a Hawaii trip winner? How?
Coworkers did not treat me differently after winning.
In what ways does winning the Hawaii trip change your life?
I would probably never have gone to Hawaii and seen how beautiful it is.
What would you like the rest of employees to know about winning the Hawaii trip? Β 
It is such a fun, beautiful place to visit.
Has your luck continued since winning the Hawaii trip or has it been all downhillΒ since then?
I continued my winning streak for a while. However, I haven’t won anything in the past few years.
If you could pick one current employee to win the trip, who would you pick and why?
I would want to pick someone that probably wouldn’t otherwise go. Someone who believes, “I can’t afford it.” Also, I’d pick someone who has worked for Orem several years. I don’t want to name a specific person.