Vacation Donation

Save Cash, Donate Time!

Several employees have asked how they can be more involved with our two new bond projects and we’re happy to announce there is now a super easy way to be part of these historic facilities.

You can now donate any whole number of vacation hours and the city will convert that time into cash (based on your hourly wage) and put it towards the projects in your name.

Employees who donate vacation hours will receive the corresponding donor acknowledgements such as t-shirts, pins, names in the facility, etc. You can view the donor acknowledgements here: Fitness Center & Library Hall.

While part-time and flex employees don’t have vacation hours to donate, they will receive 25% off the donor acknowledgement levels.

A local family with deep ties to Orem is matching donations to both projects up to $50,000 total. So just know that anything you donate will be doubled!

While both projects are nearly complete, the money raised will be used for enhancements such as an indoor playground at the Fitness Center and a grand piano, new art, equipment, furniture and improvements to the courtyard at the Library Hall.

Any employee who donates at least one hour of vacation will be welcome at a special event at the new Fitness Center.

These projects will be so awesome for the community and with your help they will be extra special.