Sam Nelson Decimates Fellow Employees in Mario Kart

In what some are calling the biggest Mario Kart massacre in the 21st century, Sam Nelson decimated, demoralized, and absolutely destroyed his fellow employees in the inaugural Mario Kart tournament at the Orem Family Fitness Center.

In a field of 16 racers, Sam reigned supreme. His character of choice was light-blue Yoshi on a motorcycle as pictured above. Fear entered the hearts of every competitor when that blue beast came into the field of vision. The other racers tried a variety of strategies to slow Sam down but to no avail. Sam could not be stopped.

The event was a test run of the Fitness Center’s “Teen Lounge” as a host location for e-sport tournaments for residents, businesses, and various groups. Tournament officials believe that holding community events involving the teen lounge is not only feasible but a great opportunity to expand the fun and value at the Orem Family Fitness Center.