Happy 101 Birthday, Orem!

We hope you look as good as Orem does at 101 years old.

Even though we threw the biggest birthday party of all time last year for Orem’s Centennial, we feel like this year could have been even bigger.

There’s nothing inherently special about turning 101 but this year Orem’s birthday falls not only on Cinco de Mayo but also Taco Tuesday. The triple whammy. Birthday, Cinco, Tacos. It’s almost more than our little brains can handle.

Unfortunately, we can’t get together for a big employee taco party. But we would be ashamed of ourselves if we didn’t celebrate the big 1-0-1 in some way.

To that end, we came up with the Triple Whammy Giveaway to celebrate the three great things all happening on the same day.


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