Hidden Expert: 5 Orem Ice Creams Straight from Your Dreams

To borrow a phrase from the great American poet Walt Whitman, City of Orem employees contain multitudes. While they are obviously the city’s expert in their given professional field, each employee has a hidden area of expertise. This is an on-going series on Walter where our hidden experts enlighten their fellow employees in their area of previously unknown expertise. Today’s feature is from Development Services Director and world-class bowler, Ryan Clark.

It’s a little known fact but Orem could be one of the ice cream meccas of the world. According to Yelp, there are 179 places in the Orem area to get ice cream and that doesn’t include another 2 establishments that are in the process of setting up shop here in town.

With so many options when it comes to ice cream, we need a discerning guide, a dairy sherpa, a frozen-goodies guru, to help show us the way. Enter Ryan L. Clark.

You can trust Ryan’s assessment on the best ice cream in Orem because he has been on both sides of the cone. Not only has he been a life-long and passionate consumer of ice cream, but before coming to the C of O, Ryan was in the ice cream business.


Dairy Queen – Dr. Pepper with Chocolate Ice Cream Freeze (the prune notes in the Dr.Pepper play off of the chocolate goodness in the ice cream), or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard with Chocolate Ice Cream, or Peanut Buster Parfait (American Classics)
Farr Better Ice Cream at University Place – Brownie Sundae with Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream (perfect palate cleanser after a Mexican dinner)
Baskin Robbins – Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Shake (deliciousness)
Mora Iced Creamery – Blackberry (Mora) or Mint with Shaved Chocolate Scoop (legit high-quality ingredients, a pleasure trip for your taste buds)

Leatherby’s Family Creamery – Banana Split – Chocolate Peanut Butter, Swiss Milk Chocolate, and Butter Pecan Ice Cream – Hot Fudge, Caramel, and Chocolate Topping, – Whip Cream, Nuts, and Cherries (perfect for sharing with three or four loved ones, homemade hot fudge and caramel, need I say more?)