Control What You Can – Investing Webinar July 15

Ron Smith from ICMA is holding a Webinar on Wednesday, July 15th at 11:00am. The topic for the webinar is “Control What You Can – Investing Do’s and Don’ts.” See below for more information and for the link to register for this webinar.

Ron also has eight 30-minute slots for individual retirement planning consultations. These appointments will be done over the phone. To sign up for an individual consultation, click the following link (you can even register for the webinar using this link): City of Orem On-Line Scheduling with ICMARC (please make a note of your individual appointment time; HR does not have access to this schedule and will not be able to send a reminder).


Webinar Schedule and Information

Please join Ron K Smith, CFP, for a retirement-related online webinar .

Register Here:

Topic: Control What You Can – Investing Do’s and Don’ts

Date/Time:  Wednesday, July 15th 11:00am -12:00pm

 Description: How should you respond to market ups and downs? While some may wish to further diversify their investments and others may spot opportunities, many are best served by sticking with a personalized investing strategy. Consider these do’s and don’ts to help you focus.