Introducing Hey Orem – The Future of Ticketing

The future is already looking brighter with this new software developed by our very own I.T. Team.

It’s a new dawn here at the City of Orem as we’re happy to announce the launch of our new citywide ticketing program, “Hey Orem!”
This is a home-built system that has been expertly designed and produced by Dave Ulbrich, Tom Phelps, and Robert Wang. This new system leaves behind the complicated past of 311 tickets and gives you a bright and beautifully simple future.
As of today we will no longer be using the Wendia POB system for logging and working tickets. Everything will be in Hey Orem from now on. The open and suspended cases in Wendia’s system have been moved over to Hey Orem.
Every employee automatically has access to Hey Orem and can work and create cases. Just log in with yourΒ orem.orgΒ email and password. The website isΒ
This new system was intentionally and specifically designed to be simple and easy to use. You can play around with it orΒ watch the training session from the father of Hey Orem, Dave Ulbrich.
If you have suggestions on how to improve Hey Orem going forward, we’d love to hear them.Β Just shoot a ticket to Dave.
A couple of things that will be part of Hey Orem soon are the automated routing of cases and setting up custom groups. More features are in the works.
We’re looking forward to a bright new future with Hey Orem!